NBAF Winners

Congratulations to our winning E-Newsletter designers! Their work has featured in Nairn Book & Arts Festival e-newsletters and will also be exhibited in the exhibition of pupil work at the Nairn Community and Arts, 12th – 17th Sept. Well done to everyone who entered!


Yasemin Lascar first

Yasmin Lascar, 1st Place

Anaam Ali second place

Anaam Ali, 2nd Place

Anna Reid third place

Anna Reid, 3rd Place

Well done also to Isobel Barson who was Highly Commended.


BBC Ten Pieces – Art & Design/ Music Project

Related imageBBC Ten Pieces is an exciting project which aims to open up classical music to a new generation of children and inspire them to develop their own creative responses to music through a range of art forms.

This year some S1 and S3 pupils took part in the annual BBC Ten Pieces project and their work is now showing on BBC online!  (LINKS BELOW.) Pupils studied a variety of classical music in their Music classes then produced paintings and animation with Mrs McBride, creating imagery to reflect what they heard. Follow the links to see their fabulous work!

S3 reimagined Bernstein’s “Mambo” from West Side Story as an animated art room battle. Link here:

S1 listened to “Lark Ascending” by Vaughan Williams and created beautiful, dreamy paintings. Link here:

S1 also listened to “Ride in a Fast Machine” by John Adams, and produced much faster, action packed paintings. Link here:


Nairn Book & Arts Festival 2017

Nairn Academy Art Exhibition image

Pupil work will be exhibited soon!

Our annual exhibition is on at the Nairn Community & Arts Centre, Tues 12th – Sunday 17th Sept.

Work from S1 to S6 will be on display, including handmade books inspired by this year’s literary line up, and S3 Matisse-inspired concertina books.  Winning designs for our e-newsletter header, work by senior pupils, and the winners and runners up from NBAF’s Flight-themed Illustration competition will also be on view. Come and admire Nairn’s young creative talent!

Art & Design Nat 5 Prelim Info

The Nat 5 Art & Design prelim is on Tues 31st Jan, periods 2-3 (for Mrs McBride’s class) and Wed 1st Feb (for Mrs Philips’ class).  The prelim exam lasts 1 hour 10 mins, and pupils should answer 4 questions altogether. They must answer Question 1 and Question 7. They must also choose one question from 2-6, and one question from questions 8-12.

Here are links to the SQA site where past papers can be found for practise:


Here are links to Youtube videos showing various techniques/technologies, which will be useful when answering questions about technologies/processes used by artists:

Lichtenstein at work:

Short Documentary about Lichtenstein:

Andy Warhol at work:

Short Andy Warhol documentary:

How to screen print:

Van Gogh’s use of colour:

Van Gogh’s story in his own words:

Nat 4/5 Critical

Mrs McBride’s Nat 4/5 class

Your critical homework is due on Thurs 29th Sept.

  • Complete one 20-point question sheet for each of your two designers – use your mindmaps for reference, and do further research if required
  • Take great care not to lose your mindmaps – if lost you will have to repeat them!
  • Best vocabulary and full answers please!
  • Art Nouveau and Bauhaus handouts available from Mrs McBride (unfortunately can’t publish on blog for copyright reasons!)
  • “Social & Cultural Context” handouts are available below:
  • art-nouveau-context-notes-n4-5
  • bauhaus-context-notes-n4-5-h

National 4/5 Deadline

Nat 4/5 pupils – remember your Internal Unit deadline is this Friday 9th Sept! Both your Practical Outcome 2, and your Critical Outcome 1 must be complete. Any problems see your teacher ASAP!

For your Critical homework (analysis of two designs by your chosen Bauhaus designer) this week, use the following links to help you:

“Bauhaus: Design in a Nutshell (3/6)”


“Bauhaus: A History and its Legacy”

“History of Bauhaus”